Sunday, November 30, 2014

Electric Longboard - GoBoard

Over the thanksgiving weekend I sat down for a few hours and cranked out a rough electric longboard. And then I ordered $100 of parts. So maybe this will happen. We'll see. Everything was designed around a very simple deck and standard trucks and wheels from the interwebs. The only custom bits will be the motor mounts, whatever connects the pulleys to the wheels, and the battery enclosure. I may look around for a simple charge controller so I don't have to take the thing apart every time I want to charge it, but let's leave that for version 2.

From the side - modeled with a flat board.

The board was designed around a motor and batteries I already had. I don't totally remember but a top speed target of 20 seemed pretty reasonable and realistically I'll go about 15 anyway. Safety first?

Closeup of pulleys/tensioner. 7.5" belts is what SW came up with. 5:1 ratio 

Obligatory 'the top comes off' picture. Battery assembly will be 3D printed.
Hooray for efficient-yet-dangerous transportation