Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wind Tunnel Project

Today I was recruited by Bruno Piazzarolo (MIT 2012) to help design a wind tunnel. I did a quick model in AutoCAD for lasercutting, which we did later that evening. The model I designed is for a very small prototype to be used with a 120mm computer fan that I happened to have in my backpack.The fan is rated to move 30 cubic feet of air per minute and was originally to be used for a fan I had designed, but I guess I'll just order more.

Fancy acrylic spatulas.
We cut two of the above images out of 1/8" acrylic sheet, and then realized something: bending these is going to suck. And so I was commissioned to make a jig to help shape the pieces.

Make x 9

The jig will snap together into two separate pieces that will sandwich the heated acrylic and allow it to bend into the perfect shape for wind-tunnel construction. Update soon to come with the construction of the jig and wind tunnel.

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