Monday, November 21, 2011

SolidWorks and Engineer Magazine

This Saturday, I didn't build anything. Anything physical, that is. Instead I spent several hours learning how to use SolidWorks, which MIT kindly provided for me for free. After several grueling hours of learning the ins and outs of the software and making some lovely extruded polygons, I set out to model my scooter.

Mate. Mate mate. Mate mate mate.
This modeling will probably eat up most of my time until I get lazy and just think about the design in my head. That actually isn't such a bad thing, since head-thinking has worked out pretty well so far.

Last but not least, I was interviewed by Mark Dwortzan for Engineer, a semiannual publication about the College of Engineering. The story will be in the spring issue, which will be on the shelves around March (?) of 2012.

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  1. First move all the assemblies to origin.. Then you need to fix the main part in assembly.

    Solidworks 2012