Sunday, December 21, 2014

Attempt at The Aesthetically Pleasing Quadrotor

I've always loved flying things despite my evident affinity for ground vehicles (they're easier to put a person on). This summer I was given a few small motors so I bit the bullet and bought a complete set of parts. My hesitation up to this point was that homebuilt quads out there are, for the most part, kinda ugly. Yes, hobbyking sells some cool frames, but my real issue is the exposed wires and other electronics...and the overall 'janky' look. Things like landing gear and some of the more intricate wiring organization haven't been totally fleshed out but here's my attempt at a 'pretty' 3D printed quadrotor.

Inside, you can see the motor controllers (red), the flight controller (green), the battery (blue), and the receiver (gray). I don't think I forgot any parts but I'm honestly not sure.

Top is held on by a few screws

The base

Section view. Wiring between motors/controllers will run through the hollow tube arms and up through the holes at the bottom center. 

Printed a draft of the bottom on Rufus. After this I made a few modifications to avoid unnecessary support material.
Updates soon to come!

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