Sunday, December 21, 2014

The guitarist's best friend: Kaye-Po

A friend of mine named Kaye plays guitar. She lost her capo. I made her a Kaye-po. Ha, punny. Don't tell her yet - it's a surprise.

The whole concept is pretty straightforward. It took only two tries to get the locking mechanism to work. The purple stuff is PLA and the orange stuff is O-Ring cord stock to protect the guitar neck and mash down on the strings a bit more gently/consistently. The model in the pictures was intended as a prototype but at 50% fill it is plenty strong. The pieces are held together by 8-32 screws and the holes for the rubber bits are tight enough to hold them in place. The final versions will be 100% fill for safety, will ideally have black rubber bits, and the pieces will be printed in a consistent orientation.

The teeth on the ends lock into each other and can be adjusted for different neck sizes and tightnesses. A friend named Chris also found that this capo has a convenient quick release feature.

Screwdrivers are like guitars.

Text on the side

Thanks to Dan and his guitar for being wonderful models

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